About Me

Since my early years in college, I knew I wanted to help people heal from serious illnesses. Although my passion has always been finding the cure for cancer, I intuitively knew that most diseases had a similar underlying cause and that once we unlocked the key, people would find their health once again.

I was raised as a typical American child and routinely dealt with a host of health conditions that I had come to believe were “normal”. Sore throats, allergies, constipation and more were experienced by everyone I knew, so why would I be different? Like everyone else, I worked my way through college and earned my B.S. in Professional Chemistry, graduating as Magna Cum Laude and having been awarded a full fellowship to Penn State University where I planned to complete my Ph.D. while researching angiogenisis inhibitors (blood supply inhibitors) for cancer cells.

Little did I know that the biggest shift in my life was right around the corner. While looking for possible reasons for my dog’s unpleasant behavior, I learned that additives in many dog foods were responsible for neurosis and cancer in dogs and should be avoided. Naturally, I began purchasing completely natural dog food, but also noticed that the same synthetic chemicals were in the vast majority of my own food products. In that instant, I knew my life would never be the same. I realized I was working with the same people who were responsible for the development of cancer while hiding under the guise of “searching for the cure”.

I quit grad school. I sat by flowing rivers. I hiked alone for hours and hours on end. It took me months to get my footing in life again, but once I did, I ended up delving deep into the life of homesteading and permaculture. During this time, my husband and I raised the vast majority of our own food. I was vegetarian and ate a diet low in fat and rich in organic whole grain products, so I believed I was living the most healthful life possible.

My health crisis hit after the birth of my first child. Although my pregnancy had been uneventful (save for the development of gestational diabetes which forced me to eliminate the natural sweeteners I had been consuming), it wasn’t until four months post partum that I found myself practically bed ridden with weakness and arthritis in the knees. No one knew what was wrong, but I knew I would get to the bottom of things. Gratefully, I had a scientific background and could understand the mountain of literature I would wade through while nursing my new baby.

A mail order cortisol test confirmed my suspicions – I was experiencing severe adrenal fatigue. Pregnancy had exhausted my reserves and I had little energy left to even get up and make food for myself. At that time, ketogenic diets were no where near as popular as they are today. Somehow, I stumbled across the idea that carbs were damaging to the adrenals and that ketones were actually the preferred fuel source for those in adrenal fatigue, so I decided to make the switch from carbs to fat for fuel. What did I have to lose?

I shifted my daytime meals and noticed an almost immediate improvement in my symptoms. I was functional again! Things still weren’t what I hoped they would be though, and compliance to the diet was difficult for me for some time. Once I finally cut out my “cheat” sessions, my health really began to soar. I spent a year in ketosis and reaped tremendous benefits which last to this day.

Since that year, my passion for devouring scientific literature related to the ketogenic diet, health, wellness and beyond has confirmed a knowing that ketosis is the ultimate treatment for a wide variety of otherwise difficult to treat conditions. I myself have remained low carb and it has served me well. I have had four babies at home without a single complication. My fertility has been excellent and I have conceived within three months of trying each time, even though people with adrenal fatigue often have fertility problems. My partner, father, and numerous friends and relatives have switched to a ketogenic lifestyle after observing my dramatic improvement in health.

This is a lifestyle that works. Logically and scientifically, the evidence behind its therapeutic value is overwhelming. It took me a number of years to discover how I could blend my scientific background and understanding of ketosis with my passion to help others heal, yet through a series of synchronicities, I realized coaching would allow me to serve clients while remaining available to my family. My calling is to help people with serious illnesses return to health through the power of nutritional ketosis.

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