Gain the Ultimate Freedom With a Healthy Body

Life is meant to be enjoyable, yet contrary to popular belief, aches, pains, frequent colds and/or allergies are not issues humans should learn to live with. Those who make billions of dollars from the sale of medical services and/or products don’t want you to realize that conditions including diabetes, obesity, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and beyond can be cured or dramatically improved with the adoption of a ketogenic lifestyle. Ketones are the body’s alternate fuel source and are created by the liver and kidneys when insulin levels are very low. Low dietary intake of carbohydrates must be maintained to prevent any spikes in insulin production. This alternative yet totally natural metabolic process starves out invaders such as cancer and yeast. Deep healing is also naturally promoted while in ketosis.

Your Body Can Use Fat for Its Primary Fuel

Ketogenic diets require the switch from dietary carbohydrates to dietary and/or body fat for energy needs. The metabolic state of ketosis initiates profound, positive changes within adult humans. Digestion of healthy fats (like those contained in coconut and other cold-pressed oils, grass fed butter, avocados, nuts and seeds) produces far fewer free radicals than those generated during glucose metabolism. The process simultaneously promotes deep healing by minimizing blood sugar fluctuations and drastically reducing the need for insulin. The higher your insulin levels, the greater your risk of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, cancer and beyond. Ketosis allows your body to obtain a significant portion of its energy requirements from ketone bodies (produced from dietary and/or bodily fat in the liver and kidneys), but the body will only enter this state when insulin levels fall beneath a certain threshold (ie when carbohydrate intake is severely limited).

Improved Health Without Hunger

The journey into the normal yet alternate metabolic state of ketosis can take you to places you never imaged you’d go. Food cravings disappear. Weight melts away without hunger pains. Cancer cells starve, blood sugar levels normalize and the need for insulin is greatly reduced. Over time, cholesterol levels normalize, fertility is enhanced, and digestive issues are relieved. Does this sound too good to be true? This way of eating is not magic nor is it a fad diet; rather, the science of nutritional ketosis is backed with plenty of research that illustrates the power of using fat for fuel.

Ketosis is Safe for Any Period of Time

With the conscious choice to enter and maintain a long term state of ketosis, you’ll be taking a significant and virtually risk free step towards improved health. As long as you are not pregnant or breastfeeding and have reached your mature physical size, ketosis is safe for any period of time. People can thrive for years (or decades) while eating very few carbs. Don’t let mainstream fear tactics targeting high fat diets keep you from making an informed decision. Do your own research, talk to people who have experienced ketosis first hand and draw your own conclusion.

Be There for Your Children and Enjoy Your Life

Do you want to live longer and be available for an extended period of time to your growing children? Have you experienced everything you wish to experience in life? Does your body look and feel the way you want it to look and feel? It’s not too late to improve your health, no matter what you’ve been told. People who have been given mere months to live have extended their lives for years or even decades after adopting and maintaining a ketogenic diet.

A Challenge Worth Pursuing – With Help

Perhaps you’ve heard that this way of eating is challenging at first. Yes, it is. I’ll be absolutely honest with you – I’ve been there, and I would love to help you through the process. The challenges don’t last forever and the physical improvements are typically dramatic. I learned the about this way of living the harder way, through trial and error and a willingness to be my own human guinea pig – but you don’t have to. Contact me today to discover how this program can move you well along your path to improved health.